I walked across Australia.

It's a fairly straightforward statement. But the first time people hear about my walk across Australia, they generally can't take it in. If you tell an Australian, for example, who has a good idea of the vastness of their island continent, they'll assume that I can't actually mean that I walked all the way from Perth to Sydney. The route I took was 5000km* - the equivalent of New York to San Francisco, or from London to Moscow and back again. Many Australians wouldn't consider even driving such a distance.

Once the distance sinks in and they get clear that I did actually walk every step of the way, they usually ask how long it took. The answer is 180 days - covering around a marathon distance a day, with a day off every five or six days, depending on the weather and where towns fell along the route.

The next set of questions usually revolves around support. 'How many people were with you?' 'What sort of support did you have?'

The answer to both questions is none. I pushed all my belongings - tent, sleeping bag, food and water - in a three-wheeled pram, staying at roadhouses and motels, camping in the bush or being invited into the homes of the many wonderful Australians I met along the way. Hard-core adventurers and explorers covet the 'unassisted' tag for a journey, but here I use the term loosely, to mean that I walked alone, with no support crew, and no back-up vehicle. For a month in the middle, a friend who had come out for a holiday joined me on the road for company. The rest of the time it was just me and a very long road east.

People also assume automatically that I must be an elite athlete. I'm not. I have qualifications as a personal trainer, yes, and I worked hard to prepare myself for life on the road, but I'm no natural athlete. I did what I did by dreaming a dream, making a plan, and then literally putting one foot in front of the other, seven million times, to make it come true.

And when people do fully grasp what I did, their reactions vary from congratulations to disbelief, from respect to an obvious suspicion that I must be completely crazy. But there's one thing they can't deny and that no one can ever take away from me. I walked solo and unsupported, pushing a Baby Jogger, 5000km across Australia from Perth to Sydney. I dreamed a dream and made it real. Seven million steps to success. I walked across Australia. Simple.

Tell me more about the book...I want the book!